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Reach OET B Medicine

Preparation for the OET Medicine Test. Reach OET B Medicine is for doctors who are preparing to achieve a B grade in the Occupational English Test.


Reach OET B Medicine course info

Do you need to score a B in the OET Medicine Paper? Then this 50-hour online OET Medicine preparation course is for you.

This unique online course gives you the language, the test techniques and strategies you need to achieve a high score in each of the four OET papers, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Reach OET B Medicine is excellent preparation for the OET Medicine Paper.

The course focuses on the OET test, so you get to know the format, content and task types who will see in the international OET test for doctors.  You will listen to consultations and medical talks, read texts, complete summaries and answer questions on medical subjects, write letters based on case notes, and learn how to perform at a high level in the OET role plays. The course includes practice test questions and answers for every part.

The course is dynamic and interactive, with multiple activities, video and audio inputs and expert insights. And it’s online, so you can study when you want, where you want.

Why SLC?

SLC is the UK’s leading Medical English provider. Our courses are taken by thousands of medical professionals, including many doctors around the world wanting to work in an English-speaking environment.

SLC was the first accredited OET Premium Preparation Provider in the UK and Europe. We work with hundreds of candidates every year, preparing them to achieve their best score in OET Test.

This course was written by Virginia Allum, SLC’s Head of Medical English, an OET expert and internationally renowned medical English writer, lecture and trainer.

Want to work with an OET trainer?

You can combine the course with one-to-one coaching to get the personal feedback and input you need to do your best in the test. And if you need to develop your professional English to support your test preparation, then we suggest you take online English for Doctors course before doing Reach OET B.

“The OET reach course is very useful for someone new to OET. It helps you to get familiar with the structure of letter, reading question format, and an idea about listening and speaking questions and answers.” SLC candidate, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

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