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English for Nurses + IELTS

Designed specially for nurses who want to work in the UK and other English-speaking countries

Nurses + IELTS

This course focuses on 2 areas:

  • Developing the Nursing English required to communicate accurately and confidently in English, with patients, their families and with colleagues. The course covers all essential areas of patient care, together with handovers, care pathways, drug calculations, and hospital procedures.
  • Familiarisation with IELTS English test. A high score in IELTS is now the benchmark required to work in the UK and other countries. The course enables you to learn about the 4 Skills papers, the exam formats, different question types, and what strategies you need to achieve a high score.

“It’s a well-written, user friendly programme that will really help nurses get to grips with the practical language and realities of nursing in the NHS.”
Anne Conway, Language and Cultural Awareness Facilitator, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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Healthcare Organisations

We offer organisation-specific partnership arrangements with healthcare providers and healthcare recruitment companies, to include IELTS courses for multiple learners, branded courses, detailed reporting and hands-on account management. You can also combine the IELTS Preparation for Healthcare courses with our outstanding online English for Doctors and English for Nurses courses, or tailored face-to-face training at your premises.

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