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Engineering English

We organise highly effective Engineering English courses around the world.

We arrange Engineering English courses which are tailored to the specific requirements of both professional engineers and engineering students. We cater to a range of specialisms, including English for engineers working in the energy, production, manufacturing, civil, automotive, military and mechanical sectors.

Most courses are designed for individuals and closed groups, which allows the trainer to target the specific requirements of learners, and for learners to bring real life materials and concerns to their classes. These courses can also be combined with General or Business English lessons, which focus on developing vital language skills, such as communicating effectively, writing emails and reports, and making presentations.

You have a number of options. You can take a course at a specialist English for Specific Purposes school in the UK, US and South Africa; we can arrange for trainers to deliver programmes in company premises worldwide; you can take live lessons online with a specialist teacher; and you can take an online self-study course, specifically developed for engineers.

Courses can help you work in international teams, build your professional career, manage complex projects, or help you succeed in your university studies.

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3 Reasons to Book with SLC

Independent Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge, experience and independence ensures you get the training you need.

Cost Effectiveness

Because courses are customised and highly targeted, you save time and money.

High Impact

Targeted training enables your staff to operate successfully in an international environment.


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