Specialist Language Courses

We organise effective, tailored Aviation English courses worldwide.

Our world-class Aviation English training programmes are designed to the specific requirements of aviation industry professionals, including pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight crew, both practising and ab-initio.

We arrange preparation courses and testing for ICAO-recognised assessments, such as the ELPAC (English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communications) test. These courses are for operational pilots and air traffic controllers, and reflect the range of radiotelephony communication tasks undertaken in flight operations. They typically focus on handling non-routine situations, operational procedures and achieving ICAO Level 4 or above proficiency.

Our courses are delivered in-house by specialist trainers who come to flight schools or airline offices around the world; by specialist Aviation English schools, including in the UK, US and Canada; or online, either via live tutorials, self-study courses, or a blend of both.

Our Aviation English trainers and consultants are experienced professionals, and include coursebook writers, ex-pilots, and teacher trainers.

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3 Reasons to Book with SLC

Independent Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge, experience and independence ensures you get the training you need.

Cost Effectiveness

Because courses are customised and highly targeted, you save time and money.

High Impact

Targeted training enables your staff to operate successfully in an international environment.


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