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Why choose SLC language courses

Why choose us

SLC is the UK’s leading provider of Medical English training services.

Our digital courses and classrooms enable thousands of medical professionals and students around the world to work, travel, study, research, and communicate with each other in English, the lingua franca of medicine.

What language courses SLC offer

What we do

We train nurses and doctors to achieve the scores they need in the Occupational English Test (OET) and IELTS to register in English-speaking countries, including the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

We write and publish cutting-edge digital courses for students and professionals in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and care, enabling learners around the world to get outstanding, up-to-date content and resources wherever they may be.

Our team includes internationally-renowned Medical English writers, teacher-trainers, Medical English teachers, exam specialists, and online language learning experts. We shape programmes around what our customers and learners need most.

Our customers include NHS Trusts and Health Boards in the UK, international medical universities, private healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies, international healthcare recruiters and hundreds of individuals around the world.

Meet the SLC language courses team

Meet the team

The senior team at SLC has over 100 years’ combined industry experience

  • Teaching English to professionals
  • Creating online self-study and blended language training programmes
  • Designing bespoke language courses for companies and organisations
  • Organising international language training programmes
  • Writing language learning materials, including world-renowned course books
  • English language exam preparation, writing and marking
  • Leading and managing English language schools
  • Training English teachers around the world



language course partners

Our partners


The European Association for Language Teachers for Healthcare: EALTHY represents Medical English teachers at universities, language schools and vocational colleges around the world, holding regular seminars, conferences and workshops around Europe. All SLC’s Medical English courses are EALTHY-approved.

International House London

International House London

IH London is a large and prestigious language school in central London, internationally renowned for language teaching and teacher training. IH London is also the largest test centre for IELTS and OET in Europe. SLC work with IH to offer candidates preparation for the OET test, and to promote specialist and business language training to London companies. Together, we have given tailored training to many household names, including Facebook, HSBC, Sony and Gucci.

Accent International

Accent International

Accent was founded in 1988 as a specialist consultancy and English language training organisation focusing on creating and delivering bespoke professional English programmes for international companies, from Aventis and BP to Volvo and Zeneca. Together, we have created the online English for Pharmacy course, and on our sister site, English for Oil and Gas courses for Upstream Operations and Safety. Accent also co-own Medical English Service Network, based at the prestigious San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.


The Occupational English Test (OET) is a test of English used in Healthcare, used around the world to assess the language of medical professionals wanting to work or study in English-speaking environments. It is recognised in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai among others. As the first OET-accredited Premium Preparation provider in Europe, SLC works closely with OET to ensure our materials and training are up-to-date and meet OET’s rigorous accreditation criteria.