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Business English programmes will improve your ability to discuss business, negotiate deals, present your company and socialise in an international business environment.

Our courses are organised with outstanding schools around the world, in-house trainers, or online. They can focus on the needs of executives at all levels, on specific skills such as Business Writing, and on passing global Business English exams such as BULATS and TOEIC.

3 Reasons to Book with SLC

  1. Independent Expertise

    Our in-depth knowledge, experience and independence ensures you get the training you need.

  2. Cost Effectiveness

    Because courses are customised and highly targeted, you save time and money.

  3. High Impact

    Targeted training enables your staff to operate successfully in an international environment.

What To Do Now

Contact us

If you want speak to someone direct please call us on +44 (0)1273 757535.

If you would prefer to email please contact us on

We will work with you to make sure you book the best course for what you need.

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